A real ‘Gemma’!

Gemma Newland pictured with husband Bob

If you want the sports program your child is involved with to be successful, then you have to help.

Ask Gemma Newland, Southern Indiana United’s vice president of referees. Some 18 years ago, she and her husband Bob took their then 5-year-old daughter to her first soccer practice.

“She was very excited and I was very clueless,” Newland said. “When we arrived, they said someone needed to step forward to coach or there would not be a team. We left the practice with my husband as the coach and me as the team manager.”

Newland has been helping ever since, and last week her tireless dedication to the local game was recognized by Indiana Youth Soccer when she was named the Administrator of the Year at the organization’s annual awards dinner.

“It feels weird to have all of this attention,” the New Albany mother of four said. “The reward was totally unexpected, as I don’t feel that I do anything remarkable.”

(For full story, see www.newsandtribune.com/sports/x570484532/KICK-IT-State-award-for-SIU-administrator)


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