Final tryout for Rovers

New Premier Development League team River City Rovers will hold its final tryout session at the Oldham County Youth Soccer Complex on March 12 and 13.

Rovers will be made up of approximately 23 male players, ages 17-28, and will showcase the best and brightest greater Louisville area athletes who currently play for their respective club and college soccer teams nationwide.

Sixteen players were selected at the first tryout held in January, including four from College Cup finalists, University of Louisville — Andrew Farrell, Ryan Smith, Josh Lipka and Aaron Horton.

“The tryouts were extremely successful,” said Muhamed Fazlagic, head coach and technical director of River City Rovers. “We wanted soccer players from every school and every club to show up. Multiple talent, multiple backgrounds — all on one field at the same time.”

Due to scheduling conflicts for out-of-state students, some interested players were unable to make the January tryouts. Therefore, Rovers will be hosting the supplemental tryout to coincide with most college spring breaks.

Attendees for the two day tryout at 4305 W. Highway 146 in Buckner are asked to complete their registration online at Cost to attend is $95. Players are asked to bring indoor and outdoor shoes.

The United Soccer League featured 67 PDL teams within four conferences across the United States and Canada in 2010. The squads have proven to be an important stepping-stone for top soccer professionals now playing around the world at USL and MLS levels.

Rovers will play 16 regular season matches, and its first game is scheduled to be a friendly against St Louis on May 8, with league play starting on May 19. They are still in negotiations to secure a home venue.


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