Preseason silliness

Promising UofL sophomore Christine Exeter

Maybe it’s a cultural difference — me being from planet Europe — but I can’t seem to get my head around these preseason ‘awards’ they dish out to college players.

Congratulations to University of Louisville’s preseason Big East winners, including preseason co-offensive player of the year, Colin Rolfe; preseason defensive player of the year, Austin Berry; and preseason goalkeeper of the year, Andre Boudreaux.

On the ladies’ side, you have preseason All Big East team selection Christine Exeter, a promising sophomore striker who bagged eight goals last year as a rookie.

Great things are expected of the four above named Cards this fall, and I personally expect them – among others — to deliver with some top performances, health permitting.

Then again, Germany was expected to win this year’s Women’s World Cup; Mike Tyson was expected to pummel Buster Douglas in 1990; and our cat Bailey expected to get her usual dish of half and half this morning, except I rushed out the door for work in a hurry and it totally slipped my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no to someone giving me a topper media award today for a cracking hot exclusive that I might happen to write in October based on previous scribbles if it helps boost my profile. There’s that.

However, I just wonder what else can come of doling out such absurd in-advance plaudits, other than to possibly instill complacency or alter the work ethic among the chosen ones. On the flip side, the ignored might just feel they’ve a point to prove.

Can’t we just wait and see how the season transpires. You know, like reward the athletes for what they actually do on the field as opposed to what they might end up doing judged on past performances?

Speaking of which, one game you’d probably be mad to miss this weekend is the nationally No. 1-ranked Louisville men’s season opener against No. 2-rated UCLA at Cardinal Park on Saturday (7 p.m.).

The pair last met in the quarterfinals of last year’s NCAA Division 1 championship, when Ken Lolla’s charges won a thrilling 5-4 encounter in the snow to progress to the College Cup.

There might be some postseason ‘Players of 2011’ on show!


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