Lanesville starting new program, seeking coach

Lanesville High School is planning to introduce a soccer program and is currently seeking a coach to spearhead the operation.

Athletic director Matt Kellems said they have “good numbers,” with several students who play club or YMCA soccer.  

“We really need someone motivated to start a program,” Kellems told Kick It.   “From a school standpoint, we can afford uniforms and balls, but (the coach) would need to organize some type of fundraiser for the goals.”

 Kellems added that he has been approached by several parents offering to donate toward goals and equipment.

 If you are interested in coaching at the school, you can contact Matt Kellems at 812-952-2555 (ext 202), or email him at


One response

  1. The position was filled by Scott Rodger a local assitant and Y coach.

    Team opened up with 8-0 win over Henryville.

    Lambertus, Mark- is the new AD and I think there are gaps to add teams

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