Net-Surfers’ parents help team build towards their goals … literally!


Net-Surfers’ Madelyn McClendon is pictured on the ball at the club’s new facility at Highway 111. The May 5 game was the second matchup on the club’s first full-sized field.

An all-around team effort has helped girls’ soccer club Net-Surfers kick off at its new home.

After years of effort, the Southern Indiana outfit has started playing games at its soccer park on Highway 111, just past Gap Hollow Road.

They hosted their first game at the 22-acre complex — formerly a farm site — last fall and they are currently using five fields at the new venue, four of which are small-sided.

And this spring season, Net-Surfers have been able to hold several games on their small-sided fields, according to club president John Leddon.

“We have limited use of the full-sided field for now to let it mature, although we have played a few U11 games on it and the two U12 teams will play there to end the season,” said Leddon.  

“We have room for three more full-sided fields and are currently getting estimates for their completion, as well as working on raising the money to pay for it.”

A lot of volunteer hours have been put in by parents, friends and businesses to get the fields graded and seeded. Leddon said one parent, Trent Lostutter, deserves special praise for voluntarily managing the fields. 

Another parent, Todd Dome, donated four sets of goals to the club.

“That generous donation allowed us to more quickly get many of our teams out to the fields to begin practicing,” said Leddon.

Leddon said parents have also helped considerably with fundraising, but they are still looking for donations and sponsorships to support the completion of the fields. 

 The club is planning an end-of-year celebration at the park, which is scheduled for May 24. Coaches and managers will be organizing games for the girls, while there will also be a cookout, recognition of accomplishments and fundraising prizes.

The new complex is expected to strengthen the club’s numbers to beyond a level — 200-plus players — not seen since it was founded in 1995.

And they’re hoping to increase numbers shortly when their tryouts take place on June 5, 7 and 11 at the CCSA/John Woerhle Fields (Charlestown Pike, Jeffersonville) from 6-8 p.m.

“We were seriously considered having them at our fields, but we decided to wait until next year,” said Leddon.

Tryouts are for all teams, from academy (U8/U9) to U18, with players encouraged to attend all three sessions.

It costs $10 to participate and everyone will receive a Net-Surfers t-shirt. For further information, you can check out the club’s website.


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