Indiana sports park set to be biggest in nation

Indiana Soccer yesterday announced that Grand Park, which it believes will be the “biggest sports park in the nation,” will be ready in 2014.

Following the hosting by the state in Indianapolis of its first ever MLS SuperDraft, and the announcement last week of a North American Soccer League (NASL) franchise for the city, Hamilton County Sports Authority continued the buzz with an update on a new $45 million 360-acre sports complex in Westfield.

To be called Grand Park, it will contain 31 soccer fields and 26 diamonds for both baseball and softball. There will also be two indoor facilities which will accommodate year-round play for a variety of sports.

The new complex will also house Indiana Soccer’s headquarters and its executive director, Dave Guthrie, said the complex will be a perfect location to cultivate the state’s talent.

“This complex will attract some of the premier national and international tournaments and players from around the globe,” he said.

The project is being led by the City of Westfield, which is paying for the development with tax increment financing-generated bonds.

However, Mayor Andy Cook said the project would not be possible without the participation of the private sector, which will manage and operate the complex.

Planners recently notified construction companies they are seeking bidders to install synthetic turf on seven of the 31 soccer fields. Bids will be opened next Tuesday (Jan. 29).


The Grand Park masterplan


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